Shana: Get Out of My HeadMature


Great, back in this sad excuse for a school. I thought as I made my way towards my dorm room. The stares didn't help either. If my height didn't draw attention, I suppose it was my aura. I moved with purpose, shoving through the sea of people. Didn't matter to me, I didn't know any of them well enough to care.

Why I even come to this stinkhole of a place confounds even me. I suppose it's just so I can taunt the vamps, I haven't had a good fight in months.

I growled loudly at a girl who wouldn't get out of my way. She looked up at me and quickly moved. I didn't care how animalistic it was, intimidation is the easiest way to get what you want out of someone.

A harpy was walking towards me, his brown, feathered chest swaying as he walked. Girls swooned as he passed, but as he neared me I growled yet again. He gave me a strange look before moving on. Dumb chick magnet. I don’t see what they find attractive in him. Hell, I don’t see why anyone finds any guy attractive.

As I walked up the stone steps to the dorms, a voice called out from the crowd. “Hey! HEY!” I turned to look back at the crowd, my acute sense of hearing having already pinpointed the shouter, as if I needed that to see her. A girl with bright blue hair jumped and waved like a nitwit. I didn’t recognize her, so I turned away and started walking. She continued to call out “Hey,” but I moved on. Suddenly, the call came from inside my head. “Hey! Shana Diggory!” What the-?

I spun around to face the psychic. “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HEAD!” I immediately went through a rapid rush of my most painful experience. I was no expert, but I knew from experience that if she had dug in far enough, she would feel ever ounce of pain I threw at her. Even if it was a weak connection, the jolt should have dislodged the filthy tic from my mind.

The End

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