Wolferaine - Time to go back to schoolMature

I land perfectly and people turn and look. There faces go into shock.

"What?" I say shrugging. I put my hands into my pocket and bring my wings close to my back. Then I walk calmly towards the school.

I make sure that along with my mood that Nature stays calm. Thats my Power. To control Nature. So things like Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Light, Darkness, Lightning, etc.

I think I've put through the point. I then see someon up ahead. A fallen Angel talking to a werewolf.

I swear I've seen her before but I've met many people and I can't call the place to mind. Her hair is amazing though Electric blue against her pale skin.

I shake my head then carry on walking. Quickly up the steps and into the school. I go straight to the reception where I recieve my timetable and a map of the school.

I turn then begin to walk towards my first class. History. Great, time to show off. I mean I'm an angel. I've been alive since 1829 and remain with the body of a 17 year old.

Maybe showing off but I don't care.

I turn a corner then.... Thwack!

Books went flying but Wolferaine caught the person wrist just in time to keep them on their feet.

The End

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