Elena. - How Do I Know You?Mature

Okay, this is the school I saw in my vision; hopefully it can help me get my memory back. My purple eyes are searching the faces of my fellow students of Eclipsing Sun Academy. Each face is different. Some have the same pale skin; they’re the vampires. I push an electric blue curl out of my eyes. Yep, this definitely the place. I remember the building from my vision.


My ability isn’t just vision but I can also read minds, control electricity and… and… something else that I once had that I don't anymore. Oh, I can’t remember what. Man, this amnesia thing is bloody annoying. Why can’t I remember? What’s wrong with me? What happened? ‘New girl, hmm, wonder what she can do?’ ‘What’s she looking at?’ ‘Back at this shit hole again.’ ‘What the hell is up with her hair?’ ‘That new girls eyes are really creepy.’ Great, my first day and people already think I’m weird. And to make things worse, I’m getting a migraine!


I think I’m getting the feeling like I’ve done this before. I wish I could control my mind reading thing better or, at least, know someone here. Lots more of people’s thoughts are rushing into my mind but one sticks out beyond the rest. I’m drawn towards the person who thought ‘keep your head down Shana; just don’t draw any attention to yourself. Think about what happened to Callie.’ My eyes are searching the front of the school; I know she’s here somewhere, I can sense it! I can just make out a tall, muscular girl with light brown hair that goes down to her shoulder blades just as her brown eyes looked at the gravel below her feet. That’s her!


I’m now walking straight for her, using my electricity power to push away people who are in my way. Taking no notice at all about their reactions, I speed up my pace as the tanned skinned girl got closer to the building. Damn it, I’m not going quick enough! She’s now a couple of steps away from standing on the stone steps.


“Hey! Hey!” She looks back at me confused. Yep, I have diffidently seen this girl before and not from my visions. Maybe she’ll help me get my memory back. She sees me and walks on, shrugging it off, thinking she’s just hearing things. An annoyed sigh escapes my pale red lips. “Hey!” she’s still walking. “Hey! Shana Diggory!” I’ve shouted with my mind as well as my voice, making her look back at me. I don’t have a clue where her full name came from; I have to of known her. Her mouth’s slightly open, she remembers me!

The End

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