"You did a good job, Jenny. I'm proud of you."

The words seemed to be coming from far away because I was slowly drifting off to the land of dreams. I wondered faintly who Jenny was and what job she had done well. Being an author, my curiosity is piqued by every little thing that people say. This time, however, sleep won over.


I walked into the house.  The living room was in shambles. The house was owned by a group of criminals, and we cops were looking for the white powder which we could use to incriminate them.

My boss and life partner, Steve walked in after me.

"Come on, Jenny. Do your thing." He said. Sure, I do all the hard work and as always, you take all the credit. Why not? Not like I have anything better to do.

Steve is an angel at home, but during work hours, he really gets on my nerves. I've tried to communicate my feelings to him, but he pretends to not understand. Sometimes I think of leaving him, but at the last second, he does something warm and affectionate which makes me stay.

He's a bit of a control freak too. We always do whatever he wants us to do. My opinion doesn't matter. It's like he has me on a leash.

Despite all his flaws, Steve is a good man. That's why I've stuck with him for so many years.

I found the white powder almost at once. There was a whole stash of it right under the bed. I picked up one packet and brought it to Steve. He took it with a big smile on his face.

"Good girl." He patted me on the head. He ran outside with the packet, no doubt to show the cops what he had found. It's so frustrating!

I wagged my tail in annoyance. It's a myth that dogs only wag their tails when they are happy.

The End

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