"No she's not, I HATE YOU!"

The words woke me up from the sleep I was just drifting into. Unh. As if I couldn't already hear everyone else's conversations, never mind hearing a yelled one. Actually, come to think of it, they only yelled that one line. It kinda sounded like a little girl...  as if to prove me right, a small girl stomped into my cabin and started crying something about someone called Juju to the guy opposite me, who led her out of the cabin and back down the hall. I wondered what had happened as I drifted back into a half-sleep.


"We're going to London, Lily-Anne!" my sister, Julie exclaimed. She didn't look at all happy about it. She had a fake barbie smile on her face.

"Really, Juju?" I asked "Are we going to see Mummy?" I hadn't seen Mummy in ages. Not since she started her new job in London. 

"Yeah... we're going to see Mum..." she widened her barbie smile befoe she walked off, saying "Pack your suitcase. Your clothes are n your bed, we'll be there for a while"

"Yay!" I yelled, running upstairs to the room I shared with Julie. The FIVE TODAY badge from my last birthday was still pinned to my bed. I grabbed my Tinkerbell suitcase from under my bed and started stuffing the clothes that Juju had put there into it. Juju came up and closed it for me. Then she brushed my hair and put it into pigtails, with pink hair bands to match my dress. I smiled at her. She smiled quickly back and then picked up my suitcase and lugged it downstairs, out the front door and into the boot of Daddy's taxi. "Are we going soon?" 

"Yes, we're going very soon. Go, quickly grab a bag of sweeties and get in the car!" Juju grinned. I skipped into the kitchen and slid the whole multipack of Haribos off the counter. Then I ran as fast as I could to the taxi, climbed in and put on my seatbelt. Juju got into the front next to Daddy, dropped a bottle of Sprite onto my lap and started talking quickly to Daddy. "Are we going to tell her?" she said as the taxi sped very fast towards the train station.

"Yes" Daddy answered slowly, speeding up the taxi. I watched the trees go past like a blurry TV when the video is messy uppy and crackly. 

"How?" Juju twirled one of her dark curls around her finger.

"On the train. Sit next to her" the taxi got faster

"Me? Why do I have to tell her?" Juju exclaimed.

"Who?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter, Lily. Here, play on my DS" she passed me her pink Nintendo DS. It was out of charge but I didn't say anything.

"You have to tell her. She doesn't listen to me. She won't believe me" he muttered. She nodded. "I'll sit somewhere else. But it has to be you. It has to be. I can't-"

"DADDY WE'RE GOING TO CRASH!" I screamed. The taxi lurched around the nearest corner and screeched to a stop outside the train station.

"Thank you, Annie" Daddy said to me after we'd got out of the car (which involved a lot of rushing and door slamming. We were now walking down the isle. "I'm going to sit in this cabin" he said, going into a cabin where a girl was sitting. She looked like she was sleeping.  Juju pushed me into an empty cabin and shut the door. 

"Lily... I have something to tell you" she said after we sat down. I sat down on the seat opposite her. "Lily... we're not going to see Mum. We're... going to her funeral" 

"What?" I knew what a funeral was. You go to them when someone you know dies. "No we're not!" I said loudly.

"We are, Lily-Anne. Mum's... Mum's dead..." she started crying.

Mummy wasn't dead. Juju shouldn't have told me. I didn't like Juju any more.

The End

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