"Love is nothing more then an illusion."

Hearing those words, startled me. That boy sitting down a few feet away from me had no idea about that. He looked downcast as he stared at the boy next to him who was staring at his friend intently. Whatever made him say that must've been a bad experience. 

But his words are not true. My story proves it. But what might be his?


I love her so much. We'd been dating for already five years now, this year being the second of university. And today was Valentine's day; which also is our anniversary. We usually went and celebrated our time being together. But today I wanted to do something special, something out of the norm. Something that she'd absolutely adore and love me for.

I'd decided to sneak over to her apartment; I knew she'd be out now, in her part time job. I could decorate it, cake lit in front, candles sparkling. That would be the best thing ever. So I'd done it.

She'd come walking in, in her usual plans for the rest of the day. "I've got a dinner to attend with my love." But this, this would shock her. And I waited..and waited for her..and she came. My heart pounding in my chest, I smiled at her as she walked in. But she with another man..laughing and holding on to him as he leaned down to kiss her.

My life ended that day. Love is really just an illusion, a sweet illusion that makes your heart soar high, but makes it crash down again when it disappears.

The End

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