"She said no..."

I snuggled closer to the side, away from the strange man sitting next to me and to hide from prying eyes. It was close to noon and all sorts of people boarded the train wearing close to nothing but wet swimsuits and equally wet, oversized t-shirts. I hate vacation time.

There were either two types of people: 1.The locals who I didn't understand and 2.  The foreigners, who amazingly spoke the same language as I do, which meant I could understand everything they said. Everything...

"You went to see Stacy today, Jay?" My ears are noisy, but I can't help it! I swear it's not like I listen to every conversation! It was that their fault for being so loud and talkative anyway..


"And, what did she say?"

"She said no..."

Arching my eyebrow, my imagination went into overdrive...


The room was tight and uncomfortable.  Or maybe it was me and this tie. Why I bothered wearing a tie was beyond me. Stacy was never the type of girl who liked a man in uniform or in a suit. And ironically I was wearing both.

Slapping my forehead and taking a deep breath, I told myself to calm down and focus on the task at hand: Proposing to Stacy, the girl of my dreams who stole my heart in a matter of seconds when we were freshmen.

There she was; hair in the wind and looking exceptionally cliché. "Hey, Jay! Ready to go?"  Perky as ever she smiled, happy and giddy. Completely oblivious of what I was about to ask.

"Um...yeah, just one second." I went through my pocket, searching for my question.

She looked at me, confused and questioning my actions. Well, that was soon replaced by shock. Her eyes were wide; her mouth was searching for either air or words and she was trying to hold herself up by the car door.

There I was on one knee with her hand in mine with a ring in the other. "Stacy, will you marry me?"

It was the simplest of questions from one lover to another. And so was her answer. "Jay, I-"


Since when was I a romantic?

 "I'm sorry dude..."

He broke out into a smile with a gleeful glint in his eye. "No, I was lying. She said yes..."

The End

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