"I need you to dispose of something...."

I sat quietly, deep into the book I was reading. The train wasn't exactly my thought of comfortable transportation, but it was the easiest way for me to finish my captivating novel and arrive at work on time.

"I need you to dispose of something..." I looked up, seeing a man in a trench coat talking on the phone, in a low voice. Suddenly, my mind wandered through the possibilities....


He was a smuggler, not by job, but by addiction-  a kleptomaniac, someone not to be trusted.  He was a good man, a husband, a banker, a father. Yet there was always something, that held him back. A secret, of sorts.

Today, the air was fresh, the grass greener. "Maybe I'll stop today." He thought to himself. "Maybe I'll turn over a new leaf."

But what was that, he saw out of the corner of his eye? A shiny, new convertible   corvette, all polished and just begging to be stolen?

It took him less then a minute to break in, even less time then that to hot wire the thing. He revved  the engine a final time before taking off. The wind across his hot brow felt great, as did the relief that he had gotten away with it, again.

Sirens, out of nowhere. Now he was starting to panic. His nerves shot in, and adrenaline pumped through his blood. If only he could find somewhere to hide the huge car...

A small garage on the outskirts of town, loomed in the distance. It was perfect. He could place the car in there, until he had time to think of how to dispose of the thing.

Going through his mental phone list, he smiled. He knew a perfect guy that could help him with his problem. Getting a plan in his head, he drove faster, glad that once again, his secret would be kept safe.

The End

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