"...I Always Dump My Girlfriends Right Before Christmas."

I hated taking the trian. Not only was there nothing to do, you're surrounded by strange people, and God knows how many people have sat in these seats over the years. They're filthy!

Not only that, you can't have a conversation with the person beside you without five other people hearing you.

"Hows you're girl doing?"

"I dumped her."

"Wow. Why?"

"I always dump my girlfriends right before Christmas. Then I don't have to buy them Christmas or Valentines day gifts. Plus, I don't have to worry about them over snowmobiling season."


"What are you saying?" Her eyes welled up with tears that threatened to spill any second. If they did happen to run down her face, that serious amount of makeup she usually wore would streak with it.

"I'm breaking up with you Alexia. I just don't feel like we really connect like we use to." Good lie, I told myself.

"No. Please, Brett. We can work this out. I'll change, I'll try harder. Please, just don't leave me!"

"I can't. If you have to change, than it's obvious that we don't belong together."

She looked up at me with her misty brown eyes and pleaded. But I didn't need a girl friend right then. Plus, she was a little too touchy for me, I found. This realationship was over and that was that. There was no way she was getting around that.

"Goodbye, Ali."

"No! Wait..."

"Wait for what? For you to realize we don't belong together? That will just be time wasted, girl."

With that I turned and walked out the door. I didn't look back, but I heard Alexia burst into tears before the door closed behind me. As much as I didn't want a girlfriend, it always hurt me a little to hear them cry.

But a time would come, I know, that I will be with a girl that I won't be able to dump. She'll be the one for me, and I won't mind buying her things, and she won't nag that I'm never around during snowmobiling season. Heck, she'll probably come sledding with me.

Some day, some day.


The End

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