"I can't believe he's gone, Ma!"

I hadn't expected to hear that voice; waking me up from my little sleep. I could only imagine what must have happened to that little girl across me, her tear streamed face tugging at her mother's shirt who looked away from her child. Maybe, just maybe, I could understand.


It was a normal day, bright and sunshine-like outside. But no one could have guessed what was happening today. My father, the father I hadn't seen for more than two years now was coming back!

Mum had told me so many stories of him, how he'd played with me when I was a little girl and sung me to sleep with his sweet little lullaby's. Now daddy was coming back, and I couldn't wait to see him!

I jumped up and down excitedly on my feet, as I watched mum make the house merry. She must be very happy too! We had already set up the house with sparkling lights, and mum had cooked. The food's delicous aroma drifted throughout the house, making my stomach rumble in hunger.

Christmas time was here! And this was going to be my second Christmas spent with dad. I wonder if he'd changed. If he looked different. But it's only been two years; he couldn't have changed much.

The phone rang in the hall, and I hurried over to see if maybe it was dad who was calling.


"Hello, we're calling from Royal Hospital. I would like to speak to-"

"Mum! Royal Hospital called!"

My mum hurried over to the phone, a skeptical look on her face.


She'd only been on the phone for a few seconds when her face twisted into a look of pure shock and horror. She hung up on the phone call and took my hand wordlessly, racing us out the house. What was going on? She drove like mad to the hospital and dragged me through the sickly halls finally arriving at a door. We entered the room, and on the bed, dying was my father.

The End

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