"I think I killed him..."

Not the best way to travel, but hey it was my only option. I pulled at my tie, making it looser. It had been a long, long day at work. I just wanted to lean against the side, and sleep.

"I think I killed him..." A voice whispered behind me. I quickly glanced to the side and saw a young girl, around twenty crying. Killed him?


"Where have you been?" I screamed loudly, as he walked in. He threw me a look, as if I was in the wrong. Anger bubbled through me, as he grinned.

"Jeez Mandy, chill will you." He said, putting his hands up in mock surrender.

"Chill?" I yelled, picking up the nearest thing to me. Angrily, I threw the glass at him and he ducked just in time. I smirked as I noticed I'd swiped the silly look from his face. Good, he was going to take me seriosly.

"Mand, I swear what's got into you?" He said.

I sat down on the coach, and put my head in my eyes. Why did I feel drained all of a sudden? Why did I feel guilty? Maybe I was wrong. I mean, he wasn't acting like he had done anything. But what about that reciept? And the hair?

"Mandy, come here." He said, sitting down next to me. He pulled me tightly into a hug, and began stroking my hair. "There, there. Tell me what's happened."

Suddenly I froze. I sat up and looked at him.

"Fantasy." I whispered. A confused look crossed his face.


"Fantasy. You smell of fantasy. And it's not mine. I'm allergic to it." I whispered.

A look of horror crossed his face. That's when I knew I was right. I shook my head, and fresh tears escaped my eyes.

"How could you?" I spat at him. I stood up, moving away from him.

"HOW COULD YOU!" I screamed.

" Mandy listen, it's just a one off." He began, standing up. "I'm sorry. But you've been busy, and I was lonely. She listened to me-"

"You cheating piece of scum!" I yelled at him, and picking up a vase from the side, I threw it at him. This time, he didn't move fast enough. This time, it hit him on the head.

This time, he fell to the ground. And he didn't wake up.


I shook my head. God, my imagination got out of hand then. But what if she had killed someone? Was I sat next to a murderer.

Her friend began patting her back.

"I killed him, I know I did. I forgot to give him water. How could I have done that?" she said, between sobs.

"Fern, it's not your fault. Hamsters die. Anyway, it was your brother's turn wasn't it. Come on, you can always buy a new hamster can't you?" her friend said softly.

I nearly laughed. How wrong I had got it.

The End

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