"We can finally be together. I'll meet you at ..."

I watched her as she sat there talking on the cellphone, smiling and radiant. She cut the phone and gazed out of the window. She had a bruise on her face, she looked tired and yet she seemed happy. For a brief moment I felt jealous of the ones who could find happiness so easily ....


She stood by the man she used to love. She had loved him for a long time. But all things come to an end. It was how things were meant to be.

She looked at him - the clean-shaven jaw line, the cleft in the chin, the muscular body, the neatly-trimmed hair. As he lay there, with his eyes closed, he looked so calm and composed, so handsome. She almost felt guilty for having wanted to leave him. She could still smell his cologne - musk, probably Old Spice. It always drove her crazy. Even now, she couldn't help but feel a little distracted.

But she had a lot to do. As she washed her hands, she recalled the day every thing had changed between them. It was an year ago, when she finally met someone who seemed to understand her. It was the start of a torrid affair, oscillating between a jealous, possessive and abusive husband and a calm, quiet and understanding lover.

She could still feel the scars of the nights of drunken rage and the afternoons of loving comfort. She hid the affair for a long time in fear. But as every day with her lover passed, she felt her spirit renewed. She knew what she wanted and she confronted her husband. She told him that she did not love him anymore, and that she needed to be with someone who would take care of her.

But he hadn't taken the news too well. The wounds were still fresh on her face, but for the first time she had fought back ......

She washed the blood of the knife, and quietly walked away, closing the door behind her. It was the end of her old life and a new life beckoned her, one where she would finally be happy. A new 'he' was waiting for her, and she would finally be with her true lover. And no one would ever come in-between them, or for that matter between her and her happiness. Ever.

The End

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