Nik's POV -

Its been 10 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days since I've seen my sweet Caroline. My mind is constantly filled with thoughts of her. I can't sleep because my love isn't laying beside me. I can't even eat because all I can think about is her and her gorgeous blonde hair.

Our base is currently located in New Orleans, which was once a very gorgeous city, but now filled with death and chaos. Everywhere you go, you see piles of dead bodies, rotting away. It's truly a horrid site, but a site I've learned to cope with. 

"General!" I heard someone shout very loudly. 

I immediately turned around to see the source of such ruckus. "What?" I asked sternly. "Sir, we have to depart. The demons are heading for us." 

"Pack up and head west toward Baton Rouge. Make sure you load the trucks with vervain. Don't wait for me, I'll catch up" I ordered him before turning back around to gaze at the place I once called home. 

5 months earlier

"Nik, what did you want to talk about?" Caroline asked while taking a seat in front of him. They met up to have a drink at a local cafe. 

He took her hand and held it gently. "Sweetheart, promise you won't get upset." he said in a quiet, sad tone.

"What is it?" She asked now afraid to actually find out what he wants to tell her. 

"My unit is being deported." She immediately pulled her hands away from his as she turned her head to the right, avoiding his gaze. 

"You lied to me.." Was all she could manage to say with her shaky voice. Tears began to form in her eyes, eventually sliding down her flushed cheeks.

He got out of his chair and kneeled down in front of her, taking her face in his hands and wiping her tears away slowly. "Don't cry love. I promise I'll be back for you." He whispered as he pressed his forehead against hers. 

She shook her head frantically, pulling his hands away from her face. "I can't do this anymore" She said in a weak voice. Her hands now covering her face. "I can't"

"Caroline, do you love me?" He pulled her hands away from her face and gave her a weak smile. "Do you?" 

"I do, bu-" She couldn't finish her sentence because his plumb lips were pressed against hers. She cupped his face gently and leaned into the kiss, shutting her eyes slowly. 

After a minute or two of kissing, he pulled away and whispered against her lips "I love you" then went in for another kiss which lasted longer than the first, and was much more passionate. 

Present Day

A tear drop slid down Nik's cheeks as he thought about her, once again. She's a goddess who could never escape his thoughts.


Please criticize my writing with all your heart. I am new, and a noob so please help me. If you have any suggestions go ahead and let me know. This is my first story, don't be nice, be honest so i can improve. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. 




The End

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