Bank Clerk 'Accidentally' Gives Himself £1Million

Last night it was revealed the in a huge scandal exposition of the fall of South Eden Banks.

As we are all aware, South Eden Banks fell in the early March of this year and although accountants have been tirelessly shifting through all the paperwork searching for discrepancies, they were unfruitful. That is - until last night.

In a major 'blunder' as the man in question reports, he accidentally leant on the keyboard when applying for an overdraft and at the same time approved it without checking the screen,

He was last seen leaving the country on a luxury cruise after having bought an extensive property in North of Eden and several Cloud Buggy cars.

If you have any information on this man, who unfortuantely was born without a name, please contact the Eden police department on 4-6-3 and ask for the police.

Written by Roux Edwards, your loyal reporter in the banking crisis in Eden

The End

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