East of Eden Gazette

A satirical completely fictional newspaper situated in a place only know as East of Eden, they have a bit of a Rivalry going with West of Eden which is much more up-market and 'posh'. South of Eden is the 'scummy' area and North of Eden is the hollywood of the place, everyone wants to be there.

Letter from the Editor

Hello and welcome to the first edition of our little paper!

We hope to be an enchanting read full of witty retorts on the celebrity culture of North of Eden, the latest fiasco that has happened in the stock markets controlled in West Eden and of course, the odd jibe about the happenings in South Eden which - you just can't make up!

And of course, we shan't forget this lovely place that this editor calls home - the beautiful town known only as East of Eden. We'll bring you up to date news on everything from schools to politicians to the everyday people who are always news-worthy.

So lets just put up the flags, call in the children and make a nice cup of tea - so we can have a nice relaxing read of The East of Eden Gazette.

From, Roux Edwards, Editor in Chief

The End

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