Snooze for a while

You stare across an open wasteland before you, it's the view of the city from above, the ruins of the buildings cast shadows  across the rubble.  The sky is a violent shade of crimson and there is a deep rumbling sound across the whole land.

In the distance you see a faded brown shape, as you get closer  to it, you see it is the outline of a person.  When you reach the figure, you realise that it is you.

In your newly found body, you stumble through the city, running and running, towards swirling clouds in the distance.  Everything around you fades to black, then you see them, behind you, tiny mechanical figures made of gears, steam pumping out of them.

They make their way over the rubble quite quickly, you keep running.

Stumbling again and again, your heart pounds against your chest, your breathing is fast and deep.   The rubble slowly fades away, now you are stumbling over books and ripped pages.  A cold wind begins to pick up.  Pages are flying up in the air and into your face, hindering you, making you stumble more.

You look up into the sky, pages flying overhead, around and around you , the sky spirals into oblivion above you, dark, near black clouds, swirling around above you, glowing crimson.

You look ahead of you, you see Dahlia facing away from you, towards a tall and bulky figure covered head to toe in hats and scarves.

 "Day!" you shout.

Dahlia turn around to see you, then smiles, waves and says "Hi Cracker!" 

Behind her, the figure lowers his hood to reveal the head of a chess knight, but laden with moving cogs, it opens it's mouth and spews out steam, making a high pitched shrill sound.

"Look out!" you shout.

You run towards Dahlia as she turns around and screams.  The  steam billows out  and surrounds you all, pages of books whipping across your face and the steam so thick you feel like you are drowning you can't breath...

The End

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