Stay and look after Dahlia's belongings

"Fine, I'll stay here and look after your stuff, but hurry back okay?" you say.

"Okay, okay.  I'll be careful." Dahlia says.

You give a worryful smile that only lasts for a second, and look down, then run over to Dahlia and hug her.  Dahlia is shocked at first at the sudden hug, but then smiles and hugs back.

"I'll be fine" she says, as she waves and walks off into the night.

You give a heavy sigh, then make your way back to the mound of trash.  You walk round to the side facing the building, then find a small opening in the mound, and crawl in, moving a block of wood, metal and cans over the entrance.

Inside, there is not even the faint blue glow of outside, you feel around you, looking for 2 pieces of metal usually left near the entrance.  You find them.  You scrape them together to produce sparks, a very brief source of light.  You use this to make your way over to something on the wall.  It is cone shaped, with lots of paper inside it, the cone part is made of some sort of metal, with a wooden ring around it half way down to hold it.  You take it out of a hook on the wall and then use the pieces of metal to light it on fire.  You were wary about this when Dahlia had first shown you what to do, but she said she had been very careful in the items she chose to make this den, only choosing ones that didn't burn well.

The fire illuminates most of the den now, the warm reddish-yellow glow is comforting, the shadows don't bother you.  You look around the place, getting used to it again, you've been here many times but the idea of beig inside a mound of trash never feels right, and you're still not used to the smell.  It is still cold in here, Dahlia had probably left as soon as she woke up, staring at her dad, or whoever it was.  The fire should warm the place up though.   The celing and walls of the inside are covered in a cage of iron bars, holding everything up and in place, they were pretty strong, machines strode over here sometimes and it held perfectly steady, that didn't stop you being afraid when you had stayed over before though.  Hopefully Dahlia will be back before sunrise, and you won't have to stay over again.

You look around the room, the place is filled with Dahlia's inventions and tinkerings.  Dotted around in corners you can see failed attempts at a spyglass.  Some of them worked, though were either very blurry or could barely magnified at all.  On a table you can see rows of lenses, some were thicker than others.  Next to these is a stack of glass shards on a spinning board and a pair of ripped rubber gloves.  A small rough piece of metal, that Dahli calls a "file" is attached to a rod coming out of the table, you go over to it to mess with it, sliding it along the crevice in the table, and twisting and turning it on the latch, it makes a horrible squeaking noise and you leave it alone.

You walk over to the corner, where there is a pile of rags you sit on.  Next to you now is the chess set, it took Dahlia a while to explain the rules to you, but you can play fine now, and sometimes even beat her.  On the other side you can see a book you accidentally left here the last time you visited.  You place the fire into another hook on the wall, the room is quite warm now.  You lie down and begin to feel a bit snoozy.

You decide to...

The End

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