I am friends with a cat

most prodigiously bold

His eyes are of mist

his pelt is of gold

We met through a window

and caught the other's eye

he trapped in his room

I in my tie. 

With flex and with skill,

my new friend went by

the bottom of the door

and, to my surprise

tagged me gently

with great enterprise. 

At the drop of this hat

I squatted down low

and stared quite curiously

as the cat stretched and lowed. 

Extending my arm

I did the job

of making sure friendship

as ours was quite solid

he batted my finger

then rested paw on thumb

with great delicacy-


 The suit was staring

(another, should I say)

I got up politely, 

and walked far away

his eyes followed mine, and we met for a flash

{that kitty is not yours, you akwardling trash}

The End

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