Find a Weapon

You scrabble around for something. Anything.

Nothing. The ground is as bare as it is shrubby. In the corner of your vision, you notice a hand swing down, and you only dodge it by a fraction of a minute. The troll’s hand smacks into the ground and collapses a small area of the ground underneath you. You stumble. You scrabble backwards. Anything to get away.

Before long, you’ll have nothing to shuffle backwards upon.

When you have the chance to push yourself to your feet—which you do in one bound—you duck around the nearest tree, complete with succulent apples in a deep red. For a moment, temptation surges through you to take it, but you shove through the low-hanging branches, and push on through the orchard area. Most trees are decked in baubles of the edible kind, but those are hardly good projectiles for troll slaying. Instead, you gaze to the ground, scouring it for something better than rocks.

It catches your eye then: a branch almost bigger than your torso. The only one lingering as far as your gaze, towards the far edge of the orchard. You seize it, even though the pounding of your heart that is so violent it almost makes you vomit.

When you break through a beam of sunlight, you find that the orchard has curved around the maze, and you’re now at the other end of its bushy structure. Oh. You almost feel as if you cannot do this, your heart banging against your ribcage eerily. But, still, you edge forward, seeking strength from the crisp spring air.

Coming around the corner of the maze, you storm into a run, the branch beginning to slip through your hands, due to its weight and your nervousness. After all, one slip and you’ll be the one long deceased. You consider for a moment your skills – sneakiness 5/10; intelligence 7/10; strength 4/10.

The numbers don’t look good for you, theoretically. (And, in all reports, you ought to be rubbish at any mono-y-mono combat, being someone who doesn’t go ‘round defeating trolls in your ‘normal’ life. Then again, you almost choke on the word ‘normal’. It doesn’t quite fit in this land.)

One more clarification of your skills pops into your head.


A tempting figure, indeed.

So, you charge further towards the troll. You might as well go for it, and you feel your breath constricting. You’re panicking, yes, but in a good way. An adrenalin way.

“Hiyah!” you yell, running towards the troll until your legs pound. You swing the branch, you close your eyes…you almost pray—

Thump. The wood collapses when it smacks his head, shattering into splinters.

Bizarrely enough, that works. He drops onto his knees with a monstrous groan that could shake the entire orchard. Here comes the anger… You freeze. Where the next branch? Nothing around your feet, and the troll has crushed your way to the maze or further through the orchard.

The troll looks up at you, his face slumped on the floor where an egg-shaped lump is already forming. You swallow; at first, his eyes blaze, and you think he very well might thump you the second he regains his feet.

However, as he looks at you, his expressions changes, albeit in the slightest of movements. Sorrow cavorts through his eyes. He…

The End

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