Combat Mode

Well, you ‘activate’ combat mode, as such. You jump into position, and raise your fists over your face. Automatically, so it seems, the troll does the same, sneering down at you. He stomps his feet so much that the ground shudders under you. Those hands must be the size of your torso, enough to crush your ribs.

If nerves don’t crush down on your heart first.

You brain strains to think what you ought to do. Sure, you’re in combat mode now, but that entails a number of things. You have to attack the troll— A weapon of some kind would be handy. A good crunch to his noggin would incapacitate the creature, giving you the opportunity to dart past whilst he’s out cold.

This seems the most currently sensible option—but without any tool in your sight range (and none equipped), you ate more than a little worried. And the troll may have speed on its side where you don't if you chose to run.

Instead, you could choose to fight the troll directly. You don't know your strength, post-curse and in this land, but something suggests that, troll or not, you have something of a fighting chance again this beast.

On the other hand, with only one hand in capable working order, a punch to the troll's might only make it uglier—and him more infuriated. You have little time to think about it, but the question comes to whether you're risk-taking enough.

At least, you think you are.

You also have the option just to sprint into the maze and hope the troll has a worse sense of direction than you do.

The End

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