Sprout Wings

It doesn't seem possible, or probable, but before you can say "Help!" a stubby opalescent pair of transparent wings are flapping hard to slow your plunge.  You crane your neck left and then right, staring at, or rather, through them, as they start to motionblur.  Huh.  You could hug someone, right now, you feel so relieved.  After a second, you start to think about where you are, and how you got there.  It seemed so simple, so safe, to curl up and take a nap, it seems forever ago, but the tortuous turns and scrapes you have dreamed up since then have given you a huge amount of appreciation for your imagination, if that is in fact what has been at work in this hyperreal dream.  

In fact, you feel so tired, you cross your fingers and close your eyes, trying to catch a couple winks while your wings, with a mind of their own, deliver you to some unknown destination.

The End

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