More Hollow

A first you think it’s nothing, a change of light, something that you’ve mistaken, and is actually simply more of that glimmer. But the more you squint at this piece of the hollow, the more you are convincing that something is…off. You edge towards it. That shaft of enchanted light pours from what is seemingly no gap in the rockface above your forehead in this corner of the hollow, but yet it illuminates this area better than any light-source you would be used to away from this world (if you can really call it a world, having not explored it to your greatest capabilities).

You carefully extend a hand, but the shimmering waterfall of luminescence falters not. As if slipping out of your control, your hand ventures further through the shaft of light, your fingers curling inwards to your palm the closer they get to the hollow rockface. Eventually—and as if your hand has its own independence completely—you are gripping the surface of the rock. Strong, secure…rock-like. Yup, this is a cave, after all.

Nevertheless, a frown crosses your forehead once more. Just as when the door and the torch transformed into subtle variations of their prior appearances, the hollow is but a pale imitation of what it was from a distance.

You could easily turn around and try and find a way out of this place—a door must lead to somewhere, yes?—but you also find yourself drawn to this shaft of light and the way it mutates what you are used to. You wrench your hand back through light, flexing your fingers at your control of them once more, and consider it.

You might lose all sensation of your body if you try and step through the shaft of light and into the hollow beyond. Then again, you just might understand what is going on with all these shifting scenes.

The End

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