A rubber chicken, painstakingly dressed and painted to resemble former United States president John F. Kennedy

You tug out a rubber chicken.

It looks exactly like John F. Kennedy. It's dressed in a cute little suit, with a tiny tie and an even tinier pin attached to the lapel. You can't quite make out what it is. It looks like an American flag, but you honestly have no clue.

As you debate why you have this rubber chicken and inspect the uncomfortably high amount of detail someone put into it, a small squeeze seems to activate a little speaker from within. A small sound bite plays, no doubt staticky and distorted due to the how cheap you assume the speaker is.

"Let's defeat the Reds!"


The Kennedy likeness seems to make a lot more sense now.

Maybe the Reds line means something related to the RED Queen? It's a ham-fisted tie in to your present situation, but it should work well enough.

You spin that little sucker around. Clearly there's been a great deal of work put into his costume... well, mostly. There's something off about the little guy's costume - there's a tear! Humored, you poke at the tear. Seems pretty bad, too. How far down does it go?

You lightly tug at the tear in the suit, and it tears way more than you intended with your tiny tug. The fabric pulls back with a rip... revealing white fabric underneath. Curious to see just how deep the details go, you tear even further. The blue fabric strips away... revealing black letter printed onto the white fabric below.





Following the bizarre strings of text, is a final string, written in clear English.

She knows what happens next.

You appear to have stumbled into thriller mystery. Fun.

The End

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