Some kind of weird techno-dongle

You retrieve the techno-dongle, which isn't really all that technological, nor is it a dongle. Upon more intense inspection, it appears to simple be a fancy looking neon ring. Cool.

You pop that sucker on, because, hey, you're in a dream and there isn't much of a point doing anything other than cool dream stuff. Throwing caution to the wind, you stare at it as it glows a little. Confirming that either A: the ring is not searing your flesh off or B: you can't feel your flesh being seared off, you ultimately decide that the decision was a good one. You feel you can be done with this whole ring business.

The ring doesn't seem done with you, though.

As it glows, an electronic voice that just happens to sound perfect to you fires up with some tonal scales, before addressing you. The voice seems to come from within your own head.

"Hello. You have connected to the Spades Network."


"Please wait. Calibrating Developer's Ring now..."

The voice stops, and nothing happens. While you can intuitively assume that the ring is doing something rad in calibrating some unknown thing, you feel bummed out that you appear to have been left out of the process. Come on, ring.

"Calibrations complete."

Oh, cool.

"Development functionality is now online - Spades Network functioning at 84% capacity."

You can't tell how good or bad "84% capacity" could be in this case, but...

It's a dream. Party hard, amirite?

"Yo, ring friend. What's the deal?"

You've somehow adopted a Western American dialect. You can't quite say why or how, but it just feels so right.

"The Spades Network is here as a resource for those within this space."

"Solid. What's the calibration for?"

"Merely a means of providing you with the most well-suited functions in the most well-suited way. This ring was previously calibrated for one much unlike you."

"Who's that?"

"The ring was previously calibrated for Lord Hattington of Philos."

"Oh, cool."

"Did he give you the ring?"

You might have stolen the ring.


"The ring has been calibrated for your use."

Well, at least said thing works. You inquire further.

"What exactly does the ring do?"

"While connected to the Spades Network, you can draw seemingly any object from thin air, at any moment. What's more, you can affect the spatial characteristics of things around you."

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

"I have a ring that can pull pretty much anything from thin air?"


"And it can also mess with spatial characteristics... are you telling me that I have the transform tool from Photoshop attached to my finger?"

The ring's weird AI-like thing tries to catch up with your reasoning.


Well that's the coolest thing ever. You're very happy you chose the techno-dongle thingy, as it's now given you Green Lantern-esque powers of creation.

You wonder how to use the ring, but it seems intuitive, like you've done it before.

"Hey, I already know how to use this ring. How does that work?"

"Anyone who wears the ring gains immediate knowledge of how to use it."

"What else can I gain immediate knowledge of?"

"The Spades Network does not provide knowledge outside of what is required."

"But CAN you do it?"

"The Spades Network has an ability to provide knowledge at any moment."

"Can you teach me something else?"


"Modern medicine?"


"Advanced rocketry?"


"Who wins the next World Cup?"


Well, it was worth a shot.

How about the ring, though? It makes anything spring from thin air. That's not a bad thing, that's pretty cool. Using your artificial yet unmistakably comfortable familiarity with the ring, you decide to make something!

Unbound by natural law or circumstance, as well as having an exceptional amount of creativity (who else would have ended up in a dream like this?), you see a near-infinite amount of items spring to your mind and manifest themselves as options.

Of these near-infinite options, you specifically choose one of three, and all three are weapons. You can't quite put your finger on why you narrow it down to such an arbitrary number and type, but you do.

The End

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