On further inspection, the door with the bright, spiralling heart on it does not have a handle or a keyhole. Curious. You peer at its inscription; where the heart had once been simply a decorative swirl, looking now, you see that the picture is more than simply one outline: the gold ink writhes.

You extend a hand. Under your touch, the wood is wet and warm, almost electronic, if that is possible. Well, you think back to the Hatter’s words. He suggested that the Red Queen has bugged her castle, laying traps to confuse each infiltrator. And, yes, you count yourself as an infiltrator. After all, you feel sympathy for the Hatter’s mad plight.

With each new thought reaching you, you are more and more certain that the Red Queen works with electronic devices – and so, you work on opening the heart door.

You frown. If no keyhole or handle will open this door, then how are you supposed to pass through it? But this time you stare at the heart with a purpose—the shape must be the key!

Think electronic, you say to yourself, tossing your hair from your eyes. The heart grins at you, glittering ever so often with its mechanical sheen. You finger the shape, happy at the miniature shocks you receive from it – electric shocks, exactly like those you received from the curtains. You eye the netting for a moment.

The heart is the key. Though, more than that, you cannot think. Bracing past the shocks, you tap the golden shape, and it ‘bleeps’ in return.

An invisible keypad! You tap around the shape again, discovering the different sounds pouring from the different points of the heart. After a while, you play tunes on the heart in the hope one combination will split open the door.

Beep, boop, ba, beep, booo… And you gasp, as a click resounds from within. How did you know the tune? As the door swings open, you wrack your brain. Yes, that music was the theme-tune of the Alice in Wonderland film you were watching.

Curious…the two worlds are colliding, just a little.

You peer into the revealed doorway and its darkness, a long tunnel forming from behind the gap. Biting back your nervousness—and that annoying fear of the dark—you take a deep breath and walk through the door. 

The End

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