Red Eyes (Blimden) appears

Before you know it, Blimden appears out of nowhere.

"Oh, so you did let the piteous thing in after all. Ugh, it's a elf." Blimden rolls its eyes. What gender is it? Even now you can see it, you still can't tell what it is.

"I'm not an elf! I'm a human!" you feebly protest.

"Ah, so you know Blimden favours humans, do you?" Green Eyes says. "Smart."

"What? No, that's not it," you start to say.

"Sure it isn't. Well, I'm not falling for that pathetic act. You are not a human. Too short." Blimden dismisses you with a flick of its chubby hand. Actually, more like a slight movement of its fat rolls. Blimden was so chubby it couldn't execute a quick flick like that. Blimden was a thick roll of fat, in other words. The funniest thing was, though, that Blimden had two red, stubby little horns protuding from its head.

"Are you a devil?" you ask Blimden.

"No. I'm not," it answered shortly, indicating that it didn't want to discuss that tender issue any more. You shrug, not wanting to anger your new landlord.

"So how long can I stay?" you say, getting down to business.

"Only as long as the darkness is brewing," Green Eyes says. His eyes soften. "Unfortunately."

"Fortunately," comes the quick reply back from Blimden.

"Unfortunately," Green Eyes shoots back.


"Unfortunate-- oh, forget it. Else there'll be no end to our silly bickering." Green Eyes sighed."Well? What are you waiting for? Come on in, dear. You look starving and shivering half to death!"

I do? You catch yourself thinking, rather self-consciously. Surely I don't look that bad? I'm not even hungry, though, am I? Your grumbling stomach soon answers that question for you.

Obligingly, you step into the threshold, feeling the warm burst of air reach you, and something nice comes from the kitchen.

"Mm! What's that smell?" you say, your nose already sniffling and mouth salivating.

"I have no idea," Green Eyes says, looking rather worried. "I'll go check what it is."

"No, no, it's a good smell," you hasten to reassure him. "Like something cooking. Roast and hot chocolate, I think," you prompt.

"Oh, food smells!" Green Eyes says.

"Huh," Blimden grunts. "Probably someone having their supper."

"What? So it isn't for me?" you say, rather selfishly.

"This is a hotel, dear," Green Eyes says gently. It seems so odd to see those gentle words being uttered out of what seems to be a mechanic's mouth.

"A hotel? Oh, sorry." You feel slightly sheepish after your outburst. "So, where to next?" you say, to change the subject.

"Ah, shifting the attention," Green Eyes winks at you.

"Edmund!" a voice hollers from somewhere.

"That'd be me," Green Eyes says. "I guess that's where we're going next, then."

"Edmund?" you giggle under your breath. "Edmund..."

The End

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