Green Eyes gets angry

"Easy mistake? Pah! Of course it's an easy mistake! Hazel and brown are exactly the same thing, you silly thing!"

You gulp. You seem to have not gotten on good terms with Green Eyes this time. What happened? One second you were all friendly with him, the next, he's your enemy.

"I'm sorry, sir," you say, trying to get back on good terms with him. "I didn't think you'd take it that way."

"Exactly. No-one does. They all think I'm a silly, harmless old man who wouldn't understand things anyway, so they say anything, and I mean anything in from of me." Green Eyes frowned. "Which I'm definitely not. I mean, I'm not a man, I'm a dwarf!"

You gasp. A dwarf? Was there even such thing? Well, after the match lit up in your hands, you're just about ready to believe anything. Then you stare up at the tall, thin man towering above you. "A dwarf?" you manage to squeak out. "You're ... tall for a dwarf."

"Unless you're just short," the dwarf said, looking down unimpressed at you. "I thought you were a small, helpless being, which is why I got attached to you and decided to let you in."

"Look, I'm sorry I'm not tall enough for you, but back in my world, I'm the tallest in the class," you say, staring up at him.

"I'm joking, I'm joking. Usually humans your age don't even reach up to where you are on me." The dwarf chuckled. "We dwarves have bred with giants, don't ask me why, and we've evolved to grow tall. It's funny how everyone's surprised when I tell them I'm a dwarf. Well, humans from the outside world, that is."

"Outside world? You mean that there are humans living in your house?" You're basing this on the assumption that where you currently are is his house.

"No, no. When I say inside world, I mean as in people that are within the walls of the magical realm. Outside world means people who aren't, like you, who somehow end up on my doorstep. You're the only one who's gotten in without deciphering the code."

"So other people have come in through this doorway?" you say, excited. "Like who?"

"Well, they've come in through the back door, at times, and the side door, the eastern door, the western door, the north door, the south-east door, the other side door, the other sided door, the two-sided door," the dwarf stopped and took a breath, looking down at you. "Well, let's say a lot of ways."

"But who?"

"I have no idea what their names are. I never bothered to ask. Blimden does the talking, usually."

"Red Eyes? Him? He doesn't seem very talkative, really." You think back to him wanting to shut the door on you. "Not very talkative at all."

"Not to elves, she isn't. Wait till she finds out you're a human. She loves talking to them." Green Eyes smiles at you, the old Green Eyes coming back to you.

"She? You mean Blimden is a ... is a ... girl?" you stutter, caught off balance.

"Yes, absolutely. Woman, more like, actually. She's one big whopper of a woman. Well, in human terms she's a woman."

"What are you talking about?" you say, utterly confused.

"Blimden isn't a human," Green Eyes says simply. "Nor am I."

"So she's considered a woman when compared to humans?" you ask, trying to get things clear.

"Yes, pretty much. Anyway, let's call Blimden, shall we?" Green Eye's eyes crinkle kindly.

"Blimden?" you say, horrified. "No way!"

The End

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