If You Don’t, This One

Gripping the one that slides downwards, you pull up. There is no movement, to your disappointment. In haste, you pull down on the other level.

A roll of parchment spins down from the top of the cabinet, smacking against your head. You stare upwards angrily, trying to find the source of the disturbance. There, hanging down from roof of the cabinet, is a tiny chute that seems made exactly for the purpose of shooting down little scrolls of this tacky parchment-paper.

Such a contraption must have been enabled with the first lever you took hold of. You lift the other lever back to its standing position, watching as the chute folds back into the roof with a snap.

This cupboard is more mischievous than you expected it to be.

Certainly, you are all the more determined to find a way down that trap-door than ever. You unfurl the paper, becoming even more bewildered as you look upon the words that have been written in red:

The first clue was a false-friend. This cupboard would have been your end. Now take your eyes to that piano, pull against all the glamour, to find yourself a set of keys. Take them and do what you please.’

So, you do so, closing the cupboard door with a frown as you take your search for the keys elsewhere.

The End

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