If You Have The Hatter’s Keys, This

You take hold of the top-most one that points itself upwards. With some effort, you are able to inch it to face the ground. Again, effort surrounds you, but, this time, it is the effort being exerted by some machinery in the cupboard. It is then that you can tell that the back of the cupboard is actually false.

A panel in the back slides away, revealing a keyhole about the size of your thumbnail.

You peer into said keyhole, thinking fast in case it tries to disappear again, or to throw some trap to you. Little memories bleed through your dream-soaked, porous mind. A man dressed unlike his usual self, eccentric images…

It’s the Hatter, of course; and you fish the keys that he gave you out of your pocket. He was right to announce that you knew exactly where the real trap-door would be (for trap-doors are not horizontal by necessity), because you’d seen the secrets of cupboards before, in your childhood music room, where you would play ‘discovering worlds’ with your

Now, you brace yourself, slipping the smallest of the three keys on the silver chain through into the hole. As you turn the key, you watch the light that flits of its winding body, white light that is from the illuminating cabinet.

With a click, you are allowed access, and you watch, rather with awe, as the panel opens itself out; not only one panel of the wood backing falls away, but the others do too so that you are faced with a real door, one that swings open to block the remainder of the room’s light, as the combination of the cupboard’s exterior and hidden inner door make a barrier. Something tells you to step into the cabinet, and you do so, just as it begins to rotate around.

The cupboard was bright, even in the darkness of the mansion. Now, there is no darkness, only the beams of amber light that flit off blades of emerald grass. This is Hatter’s wonderland.

The End

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