Up, Using the Second Staircase

Trepidation creeps up on you as you grip the rail of the second staircase, winding yourself around its spiral, keeping a hand tightly clutched to the wooden edges. The broken wood bites at your hand, but you press onwards, hoping the light that filters will guide you visually.

When you glide onto the mezzanine level, the clear, but pallid, sunlight from three arched windows lights up a cherry-red carpet and the clutter that hangs in place there: two suits of armour waiting, several portraits scattered, too. There you follow the path that snakes around above that main entrance-atrium in which you found yourself.

At first, you head right because a faint shard of memory has alerted you to that way as the direction of the mysteriously cloaked figure. You notice that this way is the only one that seems to lead anywhere in the mansion, flitting around to a darker canopy.

As you walk, you come to a large, ornate door, painted with a metallic sheen, bronze or some sort. You extend a hand to only confirm that the panelled door is wood, simply giving the façade of a gleaming metal pallet. However, this door doesn’t seem to have a handle or equal entrance or exit-way.

You look again, but the metallic door isthe only exit to the level, for the balcony may split into two ornate landings, but you have seen that only one leads to a welcoming door. The other falls short in a painted piece of property. Still curious as to that stranger you’ve seen, you decide that he must have vanished through the exit of this door. Somehow, that means that you must follow him.

A puzzle! It must be.

You concentrate on the door-panel, lacking both a key and a lock. In the faint light (for the great ocular aptitude which the central windows gave is too distant to reveal this corner of the mansion), you identify a slender silver arrow, painted in the main panel of the door. Though it is a singular arrow alone, you believe that the shape might be the key to finding more symbols to open the door.

The End

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