Turn A Direction

The Hatter has baffled you. You want to ignore his words, but you simply can’t. Instead you find yourself spinning around like a clockwork toy, looking for any signs of a trap-door. Of course, there are none. You know it won’t be that easy. But at least you have a set of keys. Surely they will come in handy if you find yourself up against a door?

Your eyes alight on the complex structure of the mansion. You know it must be something conjured by this Red Queen that the Hatter talks of. Each little part, however insignificant, must somehow be a puzzle, a way forward. Thus, you come to the decision that those places that you have not yet searched must have the trap-door tucked away in their nooks and crannies. You know that the main staircase won’t give any answers, and neither will the soft room beside it. Your eyes float past said staircase onto a landing that you had previously overlooked when you had come this way before.

Down from the landing winds a perilous staircase, broken and twisted, but with the hints of the glamour that the other staircase has. That could very well be a way up to the next level. You inspect the staircase, but a movement catches your eye suddenly. A cloaked figure, sprinting away from the half-balcony that lines the opening of the
mezzanine. You frown. Was that figure watching you?

He could very well be hostile, but there’s something of interest that pulls you back to him, despite the fact that you cannot make heads or tails of what such a thing could well be.

More darkness lies in front of you, but that could simply be another of the Queen’s tricks. Maybe the answer lies through there, instead of up on the next level.

Where do you venture?

The End

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