"Yes, I wondered that!"

“Yes!” you suddenly cry. “I wondered that!”

The Hatter- or whatever his name is- smiles at you, warmly dropping his head and bringing it back in a nod.

“Here…” a hand, almost invisible in the whiteness, slips into his pocket, bringing with it a set of keys. “You know where you need to search-”

“I do…” you remark, dumbfounded.

“-You know where to search, but, unfortunately, I cannot help you with that.” He drops the keys into your outstretched hand. They jingle with a glossy sound. “I have to return to where the Queen cannot find me, because if she knows about your intelligence, your presence…”

“Please…” you mutter, finding embarrassment creeping up on you.

“You know that you know. You just need to unlock it all. Goodbye, friend. I hope to see you soon…”

And then, like the Cheshire Cat from the Alice in Wonderland film that you watched, the Hatter disappears, his smile drooping at the very last minute. Slowly, too, does the white place around you begin to lose its solidity, melting away as your head begins to buzz.

But once again, the transition is quick. Then you find yourself back at the junction, that dark, electronic mist behind you, sneaking forward again. But this time you are not afraid.

So you...

The End

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