"Yes, there are bears in that house."

The man's face shows an expression of surprise. The men turn back to him, waiting for instruction. He turns back to you.

"How many are inside of the house?"


Making another few gestures with his hand, the men draw handguns. They raise and aim their weapons at the cottage, preparing for some kind of violent intervention. Goldilocks, unable to take the tension and terrified beyond belief, runs. The man with grey hair quickly draws a black handgun of his own. With precision, he fires off three rounds at the running girl. Goldilocks drops, and doesn't move.

"Get ready, gentlemen."

The gunshots were almost certainly heard by the bears. As you turn back towards the cottage, you see the door open. The father bear stands in confusion, glancing at each of the men, all with guns trained on him. The man with gray hair steps in front of you, turned towards the house. In only one hand, he holds a his handgun at the ready. The father bears shouts out to these strange men outside of his house.

"Can I help you?"

Within seconds, the man with grey hair opens fire on the bear. The other six men follow suit, firing a few rounds of their own. The father bear falls, clutching his chest and collapsing into the doorway. The six men run into the house. Scattered gunshots can be heard resonating from the inside of the house. The man with grey hair turns to you, holstering his handgun within his black suit.

"Don't run. We have no intention of shooting you, but we'll need you to come with us. You're very important to us in this domain. We're here for your sake."

These men could be here to help, but the violence and brutality they showed may prove otherwise. You begin to breathe more heavily. The pain in your chest escalates, as you begin to remember your broken rib. With a few more breaths, you decide... 

The End

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