A Trap-Door

There, amongst the tiles at the bottom of the piano is something out of place. You drop down next to a leg of the piano, and brush away the dust that has collected.

There is a trap-door, made of out of wood, with an iron ring in its centre.

Hastily pushing away the foot of the piano that lies in your way, you begin to pull at the iron ring of the trap-door, eagerness in your vision. However, your want for adventure has left you greedy, and the trap-door refuses to budge. Cursing your luck, you scrabble at the wood, before you notice a little nick in the wood at the furthest side of the trap-door. It’s a keyhole, you know it now!

The keyhole seems to fit a small key, but you have none on your person. Though you are tempted to search the house, you have the feeling that this is a test and the key will be somewhere in this room.

You get up from kneeling and curiously survey the music room.

Where do you search first?

The End

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