Pretend that you're a pixie too

"Mm, you're right," you say in pretend ruefulness. "It is such a shame that us pixies only have eyes for the alive and not those who are dead. Where is the reverence in that, I tell you, if us pixies were made with that type of eyes?"

The girl looks at you in utter surprise.

"What?" you say, hoping that you didn't say anything wrong.

"That, my friend, is exactly what I think!" she says. "For once the undead have a brain that isn't rotted yet."

"Well, I'm only two minutes dead," you say, deciding to play along with her 'dead' idea. "You don't expect my brain to rot already, do you?"

"No, sorry," she says quickly. Then she sticks out her little hand. "I'm Goldilocks by the way. I'm actually Golden Locks, but my parents always called me Goldilocks and I guess it kind of stuck on."

"Like how that prickle stuck onto me," you say helpfully, but she just gives you a strange look.

"I wonder what it feels like to be dead," Goldilocks says thoughtfully, staring up at the sky. "How relaxing it would be, don't you think?"

The constant pain in your chest proves her wrong. That is, if you were really dead. "I don't really agree," you say. "The dead can still feel pain, you know. Just because they're dead doesn't mean they are any different from the alive except for the fact that they don't need anything working to keep them in the condition that they are already in."

Goldilocks nods her head. "Interesting."

Right at that moment,

The End

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