You've got a tiny cut on your left arm

"Good, I only have a tiny cut."

Goldilocks (at least that is who you think it is)had been glaring at you, but now her eyes widen.

"A cut! It could get infected!"

"It's just a scratch." But as you watch it turns blue, then yellow, then red. Goldilocks shrieks.

"You have the color coded virus. Right now it is in the primary stage, but if it gets to the tertiary stage you could die."

You are not sure whether to believe her, but just in case...

"How do I get treatment?"

"Oh, you should go to the witch doctor!"

Witch doctor? "Don't you have any regular doctors?"

Goldilocks looks confused. "Yes, but why would you want to go to him?"

Goldilocks seems a little crazy, and she wanted to fight you just a few minutes ago. Should you trust her?

The End

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