You die

You begin to panic, feeling the numbness set in. You must
have broken both your legs in the fall and hit your head pretty hard. The world
is spinning and, though it’s making you nauseous, you just don’t seem to have
the energy to get up.

A shock of gold appears above your body. It’s the girl. You
feebly watch her peer down at you, but she does not seem all that concerned. In
fact, she is laughing. However much that infuriates you, you still cannot do
anything, and your head becomes too heavy.

Then, like a toy doll, she begins to fade, morphing.

Oh, wait, you remember, it’s just a dream.

And, when you wake, the morning sun is just climbing into
your bedroom window, graceful. You get out of bed, glad to see both legs
functioning, and you shake the fables of the night out of your head, whatever
tales of bears they were. A new, real day is rising with you now.

The End

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