Someoen climbs through the window

As you lie down, you hear a scuffling outside your window. Surprised, you turn and watch as a girl with curly blond hair tumbles through the window. She gets up panting.

"Those stupid bears," you hear her mutter, "Why did they come back so early?" She stands up and walking up to the first bed, which to your surprise is a bed of nails, and lies on it.

"This bed is too hard," She says, getting up. She go to the next bed.

"This bed is too soft." So soft, in fact, that it is a struggle to get out.

She comes up to the last bed. "This bed is... occupied. What are you doing here?"

"The bears said that I could," you tell her.

"No! This is my story! Get out!" It looks as if she is ready to fight you. What should you do?

The End

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