yell out "Wait!" and run after him.

"Wait!" you yell out, and run after him. You hear Father bear chuckling behind you, and can almost see Mother bear hitting him for doing so.

"I'm up here!" Baby bear, or Boo, says, at the top of the stairs. Then he runs off again.

You try to jump two stairs at a time, like you saw he did, but it doesn't work for you. The stairs are huge, big enough for a giant to use. Your legs can only climb up one stair at a time, slowly, laboriously.

You reach the top of the stairs. You feel like a triumphant mountain climber who just reached the top of Mount Everest.

You've lost him again. There are two rooms that you can see. One is on your left, one is on your right. But this is also the perfect chance to escape...

The End

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