Give me some time to decide

"Give me some time to decide!" you stammer, heart pounding furiously.

"See, you're scaring it!" baby bear says. Then, turning to me, "Don't be scared, it's only my dad. He's not going to bite."

Oh really? you think, but you say nothing.

"We'll give you some time to think, won't we?" Father bear says, turning to Mother bear and trying to earn an approving look. There is nothing but cold bear-ness staring back at him. He shrugs. "In the meantime, why don't you have a little rest and sleep on it?"

"Er..." you say.

"The bedroom's just upstairs, if you want to go now. I'll get Boo to show you there, if you like."


"Yeah, I'll show you there!" baby bear says. So he even has a name! you think. How sweet.

"Okay..." you say, not seeing whether you have a choice or not.

"Come on, then!" baby bear says, racing up the stairs two at a time.

You ...

The End

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