"Come and dine with us. We'll show you what real food is."

"Come and dine with us," the father bear says, "we'll show you what real food is."

You gulp. Not the porridge, please, you beg. You hate porridge, and that's a certain.

"It's real yummy," the baby bear chips in. You stare at him for a few seconds, then, snap out of your stunned stupor.

"No thank-you," you say quickly, starting to back away. Maybe if you backed up against the window you could push it open with your palms then do a flip out of it like they do in the movies.

"You sure?" the father bear says.

"The human's sure, it said so itself," the mother bear snaps. Obviously she's not very happy sharing food with people.

"Let the human decide for itself," the father bear says, leaning in as if about to tell you a secret. "Will you dine with us?" he whispers in your ear. You shiver as you feel his warm beary breath on your neck.

You say...

The End

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