Eat The Apple

As you tuck into the apple and feel your hunger vanishing, you turn towards the entrance-exit to see a mirror hanging on the wall instead, and your exit completely covered over again. You’re no longer hungry, despite being surrounded by food, and you become wary of this place. What is it? Why did the wall close over again? These stables are certainly no ordinary things. They must be part of the strange manor house here. Still, you wonder about how you ended up there and at what you must do to escape this place. Who owns such a grand, dilapidated building as this?

Sighing, heavy with questions, you turn your attention back to the mirror half a metre away. Its dark surface, reflecting the light-less closet you’re in, is simply framed in a gold-wood outline, echoes of twisted spirals merging themselves up the mount to two forcibly-carved spirals at the apex of the looking-glass.  

Suddenly, the surface of the mirror, smooth before, twitches, and the scene is no longer yours. You watch the green hills, a reminiscent shade of the manor-garden, ripple into form, the sky bluer than anything that could be real. And there you see a figure quickly advancing. It’s hard to tell, but they’re not walking properly, as if they are floating, on top of one of your steeds, or larger than life.

Who is it?

The End

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