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You shake your head, but the bay horse begins to advance, that fierce gleam in its blue eyes ever accentuated. As you begin to back away, it swings around and charges at what had seemed like a brick wall, the side of the manor. Now, on inspecting the place further, you notice that it cannot possibly be the side of the manor, for it sticks out too much, not in conjunction with the angular shape of the building that still looms above. The wall morphs as the horse advances, finally letting the animal sink into it.

In front of you now is a bay-coloured stall door, which begins to open up as you approach, but recede back into the wall if you back away. So, slowly, you do approach, your heart filled to the brim with curiosity again.

Here, beyond the now-invisible wall, is another part of the stables, polished to completion and shining because of all the trophies that are being kept there. As well as riding trophies, you identify trophies for other sports, such as hockey and ice-skating, and others, you quickly notice, that are the sports that you would like to excel in. There is even one swimming trophy, for your past, failed effort, and one pool trophy, for the skill you are just beginning to hone.

To your contentment, you see, in the centre of the room and the dotted trophies, that there is also a selection of horse-feed and other food-stuffs that horses would enjoy. You take one look at the food, no jealousy or guilt interrupting your actions (as if, here, you have been made with no morals), and quickly spot the prize of the collection: a glistening red apple, certainly good enough for a human to take.

So, you pick it up from its podium, licking your lips as you stare.


The End

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