Get On The Train

As the large red machine, full of power, begins moving, you launch yourself at one door that has opened of its own accord. You sigh with relief when you see the firm, but moving, carpet beneath your seat. You’re safe! At least…for now. You have no idea where it is that this train is determined to take you.

Getting up off the floor, and brushing yourself down, as though you are ready for another fight, you begin to wander about this train. It seems endless, a linear maze of red carpet and white glass walls, where the world whirls by faster than you can comprehend. For a second you stop by a window, spotting a solitary tree as the train slows for a fraction of a second. Then it’s gone, and you are back to hyper-speed.

Again, you wander about the train, suddenly hearing the loud murmur of voices from some distant carriage in front of you. Walking onwards, breakfast, lunch and dinner smells all hit you at the same time and you see the light of the dining-carriage, the diners within chatting merrily. But, as you begin to near it, the carriage seems to seep and slide away, being replaced by a different carriage that is materialising with a dense fog as you approach.

And then a sentence slips into your mind; you are shocked with the realisation that it is coming, not from the com-system beside you as you expect, but from down the corridor. You peer through the fog, but, although you cannot see your correspondent, you can hear what they have said loud and clear.

The End

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