Learnt Arithmetic From The Swing Queens?

“Breaking locks is easy when you know the secret of the Pharaoh’s tomb…”

The White Queen’s words echo in your ears, but they leave you no answer.

What could it be? you say to yourself, as you stare at the mess of numbers on the pad.

And then, when all despair is about to hit you, you remember the intricacies of that Arithmetic lesson, the tough-talking words of The Black Queen surrounded by the soothing ones of The White Queen. Your good memory floods in, delighting you with the correct answer.

You punch in three-point-one-four-one-five, Pi to five significant figures, using one of the buttons at the bottom, blank compared to the red one and a green one, as the decimal point. Anticipation rises in your throat when, after pressing the green button, nothing happens for a second, but then a light above the door illuminates the space with a jade hue and a ding can be heard.

A grin spreading onto your face, your turn to the animals, who are beginning to cheer.

“Quiet now,” you whisper to them, putting a finger, childishly, to your lips. “We’d better be dead quiet, and move as swiftly, yet smoothly as we can. I gather you know some of this place?”

Vixen nods.

“The Red Queen’s palace? Got it!”

“Then let’s go!”

The End

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