We’ll Break Our Way Out!

The room is tiny; there are no windows and only one door, it held to the wall by a complex mechanism and a key-pad, filled with small, foreign digits. Imposing, it makes your skin crawl and you spin away from it to the crowd of freed animals, all watching you.

You gesture to the hole in the wall, barely visible in the low-light as more than a black splodge, but the rabbit-lady, introduced as ‘Vixen’, shakes her long, glossy blonde hair.

“That leads back to nowhere. And, if she knows now that you’re coming, The Red Queen will have her ‘watchers’ on it.”

“Well, okay, that leaves only one way: we’ll have to break ourselves out!”

And you turn back to the iron door.

Vixen’s whiskers quiver again, making her look more and more like a rabbit in headlights the more she moves.

“But none of us knows what that panel does. None of us are door-opening experts; none of can break locks like that. The guards use it when they bring our food, but it’s impossible to see what they’re doing.”

“Ah…” you mutter quietly, as you peer to the door’s lock. On a closer inspection, you see that its strange symbols are none other than numbers, written backwards and then mirrored across a horizontal plane to fool you into thinking them gibberish. What’s more, they seem to line from top to bottom in numerical order!

If only you knew the code…

The End

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