A Living Room

You move around the room, carefully identifying the objects which you know are there. It’s just like the place you know, but in a twisted fashion. Your sister is even there, glaring at you like an irksome imp, eerie.

You turn away from her, watching as the colour slides from the walls and puddles at your feet. The sofa on which you had once laid your head dances the disco jig, flashing every colour on the charts, and the TV flashes on and off, showing random clips from Lewis Carroll-based movies. You feel like you’ve steeped into a surrealist painting crossed with an Owl City music video!

With a whoosh, you seem to be being taken from the room by some unknown force, swept along to the room opposite. It’s a bedroom, and a figure is sleeping in your bed, tossing and turning, her eyes flickering to the left and right as she passes through REM sleep.

You hear a voice, and something compels you to lean into the sleeping figure. Another whoosh and you are gone.

You wake, in your own bed, the light on above you. As you step out, you turn, remembering the odd dream that you had. What was that new mystery of Alice in  Wonderland? Maybe you’ll never know.

The End

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