A Ballroom

You look around the spacious ballroom, a wooden floor stretching, shiny, out from where you are stood at the doorway. With a slurping sound, the wood doors bend in on themselves and you find yourself standing by a blank white wall to match the other blank white walls of the ballroom.

“This is it…” you whisper to yourself, thankful that you’re away from that darkness, even if this ballroom isn’t the most illuminated of places. A gaudy chandelier hangs in the middle of the room about five metres form where you are, and candles are dotted around the edge of the room; a couple of lampshades lie in alcoves nearby, but they are not lit. Shadows linger everywhere you turn, followed by what sounds like a hedgehog’s snuffling. The sound is low, snapping into the air every two minutes or so, accompanied by the sounds of leather and cloth being dragged across the floor slowly.

Turning away from examining a pair of red-velvet chairs, you stare towards the source of the sound, wide-eyed.

You see a dark silhouette in the door that’s lit up from the outside across the fancy floor. Humanoid, it moves in jerks, one hand lower than the other, but that is the only other feature you can make out. It is something of the unknown. You cringe at it; the silhouette is ominous. But, if you are to move forward, you’ll need to go through that exit, and encounter the beast. Paranoia motions to you to look for the creeping darkness, despite the fact that you know you’re away from it now.

Frightened, you peer around the bare ballroom for any kind of way to not have to face the creature. You notice a tough-looking wardrobe in one of the corners, decorated with black vertical lines, and placed slap-bang into the wall. Perhaps its storage could be useful?

What kind of ballroom has a cupboard? you ask yourself, momentarily distracted, before you see that the intruder is rattling at the lock.

You have to act fast!

The End

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