Down, To the Garden

You press on, pushing yourself over the stone exterior of the balcony, and scrabbling down columns that will lead you to the ground. You hear the guards burst out above you, always yelling, and you hear them break off into two parties: one to search the bedroom, the other the tower-top. They’ll never find you down here.

Leaping off the column, cat-like, you stare at the greenery around you. Bushes are a great theme here, you notice, as are long, winding paths that trail on and on. Knowing that you cannot trust your sight, you, instead, listen intently. Whilst the sounds of the steam train are fainter by far (though a little ‘toot’ in the distance confirms to you that the machine is still present), the sounds of the croquet game are a lot louder, filtering in from all sides.

One path, which is on the ground beginning at your feet, snakes off to the right. You peer at it, before quickly sprinting along it. After half a minute, a large green-filled maze emerges from the ground. From this you retreat back to the balcony base.

There are many more path-lines appearing out of the ground, beckoning you to follow their route; and you are tempted; you intend to follow each as you have done the first and see what each beholds, hoping to find the croquet game, when the sounds of the guards shouting returns.

You must make one move now.

Where next do you go?

The End

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