Being unable to find your way back to the forest, you make your way out into the halls of her home, the place that you assume is her palace. It is extensive, full of marble, towering pillars, and doors of all shapes and sizes that seem to lead back to nowhere. Three times you find yourself in a circular foyer, and three times that feeling that you are alone creeps back to chill your bones.

The Queen or her attendants are not after you yet, but frustrated at the fact you know time is running out, you sprint up the main stairs leading up from the foyer, red carpeted and that seem to sink if you place your weight upon them for too long.

Recklessly, you burst through the first door that you encounter: a simple wood one that swings open at the lightest push.

You find yourself upon a balcony, a concrete structure that overlooks simple gardens, as pretty as the sun- and just as fierce. You cannot see much of the detail, but you notice a maze off to your right, a steam-train chugging away in the distance, and you are aware of the sounds of a game of croquet. It seems a nice enough place.

The balcony itself is unremarkable, and empty, but to the left there is a large, polished, wooden door. You cautiously tiptoe to it and open the door, peering inside. It’s a bedroom, devoid of persons, but filled with furniture suitable for a person of high standing. There is a large Queen-sized bed, made of what looks like rose petals, calling you to rest your weary bones.

Fighting the urge to lie down, you exit the chamber through the balcony door, although you did notice that there were a number of other doors leading to somewhere else from the bedroom.

Facing a different direction now, you notice a flight of old, rather rickety, stone steps. They seem to be leading up right to the roof, where a brass bell is nestled in a sturdy, stone bell tower…

And then, from whence you came, you hear shouts. The Queen’s men! You must run, because, of course, you have no wish to be caught, but where should you go? Each way could give the same probability of the guards catching you.

The End

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